Proper, professional pruning of young trees leads to stronger mature trees. The removal of dead limbs from mature trees prevents decay from spreading into living wood.

James Fagan
Owner of Fagan Tree Service, LLC
Licensed Maine arborist

James graduated from the University of Maine at Machias with a B.S. in Environmental Studies. He was further educated by attending the college courses of Plant Science and Arboriculture. He has worked in the landscape and tree care industry - including two other tree services - for more than 10 years.


Kyle Brough

Kyle is a Maine licensed and ISA-certified arborist. He has a bachelor’s degree in urban tree management and has worked in the tree care industry for over 15 years. He is the owner/operator of Precision Tree and Property and has a professional working relationship with Fagan Tree Service.


Frequently Asked Question:
Why hire an arborist?

An arborist understands how trees grow and how they will respond when actions are taken. Well cared for trees can add value to your property, while poorly kept trees can become a liability in the future. If pruning is done improperly it can cause unsightly injury, weakening or even killing the tree. Finally, tree work can be dangerous and should be done by someone with the proper equipment and skills.